"If children don’t learn to engage in and enjoy the outdoors then they will not be interested in looking after it in the future."

Sir David Attenborough 

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Nurture through Nature

Today it is so important to get children engaged in the outdoors, connecting with nature and their surrounding environment.


As our worlds become immersed in technology, outdoor experiences can often be replaced by playing on-screen games, watching TV or indoor play sessions. 

To nurture inquiring minds It’s important to keep in touch with the simple things in life. We encourage children to stop and stare, to wonder why and feel invigorated by a windy walk on the beach. We all need to enjoy being creative  to become immersed in imaginary play or just notice a sea gull dropping a shell onto rocks. ...

For our mental and physical wellbeing we need a large helping of outdoors. Spending time getting sand in our wellies and maybe, on occasions, wet socks!

If you share our outlook we'd love to meet you at one of our SandyHands Sessions.

Hands-on, feet in, incidental learning!

"Children this age should not be inactive for long periods of time, except for when they are asleep. So minimise time spent watching TV or on computer games, or time spent in a push chair."

Great Ormond Street Hospital

SandyHands discovery session (Tues 10-11am)

We meet at our BeachHut for 10am where we will have all kinds of exciting things for you to do, from hunts and trails to follow and treasure to find and sea creatures to find out about. We make kites and create wonderful sand sculptures. There are streams we need to dam and rock pools to make. We 'cook-up' sandy crab-cakes and first plaice fish and chips. Find out what it's like to eat your breakfast with pinchers like a crab or with claws like a seagull. And, you never know you might find a star glowing in the dark waiting to be caught!

  • Come prepared for wet, sandy, messy outdoor play

  • Sessions are aimed at pre-school children and up to the age of 10 years. (Your children remain your responsibility for the session.)

CoppetKids (Thurs 4.00-5.00pm)

Meeting at our BeachHut at Coppet Hall come prepared for fun on the beach whatever the weather. We'll explore our beach environment, maybe discover a few interesting creatures or dig a dam across the stream or follow a woodland trail. Each week we'll have an hour of different activities, spending as much time as possible outside getting a bit messy!

Come prepared for wet, sandy, messy outdoor action

Sessions are aimed at 7-11 years olds. (Your children remain your responsibility for the session. We ask that you remain on the Coppet Hall Beach Centre site.)