A 70-seashell celebration

The SandyHanders and CoppetKids are getting Platinum Jubilee ready...

The SandyHanders created beautiful nature crowns using red and white petals.

Now the SandyHanders are ready for some jubilee beach fun...

We made a giant sand castle, fit for a queen. It had more towers than Windsor Castle! Windsor castle is one of the Queen's homes

Time for some drawing. The SandyHanders drew crowns on the rocks with chalk. When the tide comes in and covers the rocks all our drawings wash away.

SandyHands will be back again on the beach on Tuesday 7th June. 10-11am. Book your space now, head to book a session page.

The CoppetKids were up for some 70 challenges – balancing bucket-crowns on their heads for 70 seconds, collecting as many red, white and blue stones and shells as they can in 70 seconds and creating a giant 70 out of pebbles in 70 seconds.


Then, they worked together to build a giant castle with a moat that lead all the way to the sea.

After all those challenges and huge amounts of digging it was time for the CoppetKids to take a break and make some union jack, tin can lanterns. They carefully used a large pebble and a large nail to punch holes into and empty tin can. When you add a candle the lanterns look great.

CoppetKids will be back on the beach on Thursday 9th June 4-5pm. On-line booking now open, head over to the book a session page.

Have a happy jubilee weekend everyone!

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