A magical week on the beach...

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Ssshhhh, this is a secret, but ... On Tuesday the SandyHanders were following a rainbow Autumn trail when they found a strange trail...

Something has made a lot of crumbs! So the SandyHanders hunted, climb the steps into the wood and...

Fairies! We found fairies living in their toadstool village. We said, "Good morning, bore da!" Then we crept away and carried on with our rainbow Autumn leaf trail.

The SandyHanders collected enough leaves to make an Apple-bobbing man. He wobbled his head when he said hello!

What a magical morning! When Rachel and I went back to see if we could see the fairies again they had all disappeared, just like magic!


This Thursday it actually didn't rain for CoppetKids! Hooray! Look at that sunshine.

Loved playing last stick standing. I think it ended in a draw. Well done everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next Thursday.

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