Big, breaking news..

SandyHanders to the rescue!

One clever SandyHander spied 3 rock-pools full of tiny fish stranded by the out going tide. Quick! Grab your buckets! SandyHanders rescue squad jumped into action...

I've never see so many fish, have you?

Apart from being a rescue team, we've had a lovely first week of the summer holidays.

Some important messages in bottles needed fishing out of the rock-pools – quite a tricky thing to do!

Looking high and low, under rocks and over stones SandyHanders found 6 stones, all the same colour to make a starfish shape.

Down on the sand we searched in the pebbles to find shells and stones with holes in them. Carefully we threaded string through the holes then tied the strings on to a drift wood stick to make lovely beach hangings.

They look wonderful, but they need a finishing we found the darkest place on the beach...and we crept inside...and look what we found, shining stars to add to our hangings! Magic!

And just look at the size of that starfish we made together! It was huge! Excellent digging SandyHanders!

Looking forward to more fun and adventures on the beach next week. Don't forget our new Rock-pool Adventure session Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th of August from 3-4pm. You can book on-line on our Summer Holiday page.

See you soon. Rachel and Helen.

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