Bluebells ringing!

We are so lucky at SandyHands, we have a beautiful beach to explore AND a lovely woodland behind the beach. At this time year the woods turn blue with bluebells, it's beautiful! And the smell is amazing!

This week everything has turned blue just like the woods. The SandyHanders followed the sound of the bells into the woods...

...And they found magic, ringing, giant bluebells!

Back at the BeachHut, it was very windy! And what's the best thing to do on a windy day? Fly a kite!

Phew! After all that running around some SandyHanders needed a break. We made blue muscle shell flowers. What a busy morning!


Coppetkids have been following trails, solving anagrams and deciphering clues this week!

The letters we found along the coast path took a bit of sorting out, but luckily we had some clever Kids in this week.

After quite a climb, we found a fabulous bluebell wood. Hidden in the wood were special hanging bluebells to find and the trees made great hiding places for hide-and-seek.

On the way back to base we followed a trail of hidden red shells all containing a secret message that gave a clue to some hidden treasure.


Another exciting week at SandyHands. Copies of Octopus arrived in the post! Available to buy on-line here . So you can now read Octopus at story time or download and take Octopus out and about with you where ever you go!

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