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Last week an OCTOPUS, a real live octopus, was rescued from a rockpool, just along the beach from SandyHands at Monkston point! How amazing is that? You don't often see an Octopus in Pembrokeshire.

sand art
A SandyHands Seaweed-Octopus

An Octopus is a strange and clever thing. These eight-armed animals have a few cheeky tricks...

  • They are very clever

  • If threatened, octopuses shoot ink that make the water around them dark which confuses everyone around them.

  • They can hide by blending in with their surroundings. They change colour to grey, brown, pink, blue or green. Impressive stuff!

  • An Octopus uses colour change to communicate with other octopuses. I wonder what an Octopus changes to when it's happy? I think I would change to sparkly pink if I was an Octopus!

Look at these fabulous, eight-legged Octopus the SandyHanders made this week

Look what we found on the beach -– magical inky rockpools.

And, when you're next on the beach, see if you can find a Sock-topus, check it has 8 cosy warm legs!

Looking forward to seeing you all again next Tuesday SandyHanders!


Look out for our latest SandyHands session - SandyExplorers, starting Tuesday 13th September 4-5pm. If you're aged between 4 and 6 hop along for a bit of a splash!

Oh my goodness CoppetKids, we have had some weather haven't we? The last two Thursdays have been....well, a bit yuck. Did that stop the fun? Did the rain put out our campfire?


See you all next Thursday for CoppetKids - the most fun you can have in wellies!

4.15-5.15pm Thursdays. Coppet Hall.

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