Busy, busy, busy!

Over the last two weeks we've been having lots of fun on the beach, and at last, in the sun!

We've made ourselves into hermit crabs, discovered some interesting creatures that have washed up on the shore and played some great games.

The SandyHanders found out that hermit crabs make their homes in all kinds of objects – old snail shells, coconut shells, and sadly, sometimes they live in the rubbish that has been throw into the sea.

Image from Quora.
Oh dear! That's not right.

Hermit crabs carry their homes around on their backs until they outgrow them and move into new ones.

The SandyHanders found their hermit crabs some comfy new homes. And CoppetKids made themselves comfy new home from recycled boxes.

This week the SandyHanders and CoppetKids had star(fish) in their eyes.

We found rainbow coloured star fish in rock pools, made star fish prints and created giant starfish in the sand

The CoppetKids used rocks to make Father's day gifts.

This week we'll be back for more fun and games

Tuesday 10-11am. SandyHands. Pre-schoolers and their adults. £6.00 per child (adults free)

Thursday 4-5pm CoppetKids. 6-10yrs. £6.50 per child

You can book for these sessions now click on button below.

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