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The weather-man wasn't quite telling the truth about a heat wave this week, was he? But SandyHanders are made of tough stuff, we don't care about a bit of rain and the odd gale!

We have apples to bob, quick, grab your fishing nets, down to the beach everyone!

Those clever SandyHanders have made their apples into boats look at them raced down the stream towards the sea.

Now we're off on a rainbow hunt for seven different coloured stones. Can you remember all the colours? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Some of the colours were quite hard to find but when everyone has seven stones there's an obstacle course to race along, Be careful!

Look at this lovely rainbow, great team work SandyHanders!

And these rainbow drawings are so colourful, it's a shame the sea will wash all these pictures away, you'll just have to draw some more next week!

We also discovered this very strange creature.

It's a type of jellyfish (eeeewwww, I hate smelly jellies) Some people call them The by-the-wind sailor, some people call them Sail Jellyfish. These jellyfish float on the sea. They have a fin which sticks up like the sails we made on the apple boats. The sail catches the wind and the Sail Jellyfish moves across the sea. Sail Jellyfish are normally blue. Best not to touch though as they have a mild sting.

Time to head back to the BeachHut. See you next week SandyHanders!

(Tuesday 11th 10-11am is now fully booked. We have a few spaces left for Thursday 13th 10-11am. Please see Summer hols page for details on booking)

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