Everybody, make some noise!

This week the SandyHanders listened to the weather.

Some types of weather are loud. Can you think of some loud weather noises?

The loudest weather we can think of is thunder or really hard rain or maybe hail stones.

Thunder and lightening, hail on a roof and heavy rain in a gardening
Thunder, lightening, hail and heavy rain. Very loud weather

The SandyHanders made shell-shakers from limpet shells. When they shook them they sounded a bit like rain. You could try making one at home with shells or bottle lids. What does your shaker sound like?

SandyHanders found another great way to create a rain noise by pouring pebbles onto metal dustbin lids. And they loved banging and shaking tubs with pebbles in.

After all that stormy noise it was time for some quiet noise. the gentle breeze on the beach made the SandyHanders windmills turn.


This week we'll be looking at something very colourful. Can you think what it maybe?

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This week the CoppetKids used their time on the beach to remember our veterans

Rachel told us about Frank Griffith, her grandad (in-law) who was a pilot in World War 2. He was shot down over France but managed to escape. Frank was helped and taken to Switzerland.

CoppetKids made planes and flew them on the beach. Then they launched parachutes before floating poppies down the stream.


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