Fishing about in the dark

Great to see you all again after the extra long half term. And, Hello! to our SandyHanders across the border hope our blog will keep in touch with the beach whilst you wait for December 2nd.

Autumn is well and truly here. Doesn't it get dark early now? This is a great time to explore creatures that have special powers, powers that mean they can glow in the dark! Wow! I would love to do that.

Can you think of things that glow in the dark?

Yep, fireworks, fabulous paintings SandyHanders. Anything else?

That's right, some fish, some crabs, certain types of shark and star fish and Rachel! Look at her coat!

We made some fabulous glow in the dark lanterns from used empty milk cartons and glow sticks. They worked brilliantly in the tunnel where we hunted for sea creatures that glow in the dark...

We got fantastically messy making firework pictures, squirting, splashing, blowing paint!