Fishy floaty fun!

I have learnt so much this week at SandyHands. On Tuesday Rachel taught us all about a fish called a Dab. Can you remember how Dabs manage to hide?

That's right! They use their camouflage. Which means they make themselves look like their surrounding so that they are very hard to spot -just like the fish we tried to spot and catch with our fishing rods

You all made some great dabs by yourselves and they certainly floated very well down the stream and almost out to sea!!!

Today we meet Shawn the Prawn. Prawns are hard to find in rock pools because their bodies are transparent or see-through. The paintings you did were lovely, washing the colour over the page to find the transparent Shawn the Prawn underneath.

we didn't realise how clever you were at building dams to make safe pools for your prawns. Well done, we managed to keep every prawn safe.

Loved the perfect P's you all made, and your family (prawn) albums were very funny!


Well Rachel and I are off to think up more fun for next week. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. (Now fully booked) And Friday.

See you soon!

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