Green fingers...

It's green week at SandyHands. Green leaves, green grass and even green hands!

On the beach the SandyHanders made all sorts of green using blue and yellow paint.

SandyHanders used the paint to make a beautiful underwater, kelp forest picture.

Even the rock pools were green. So the SandyHanders went fishing and caught green fish!


Action stations!

A little bit of rain doesn't slow down a Coppetkid! We tried out Action stations – five different challenges from water carrying across the plank to snail catapults and stone tower building.

There were some brilliant towers and rock moving but the snail catapults proved quite tricky!

Great effort CoppetKids. Looking forward to seeing you all again this Thursday, it's going to be quite stormy so waterproof yourselves!!!!!


Out Now! Octopus

Join the SandyHanders on the beach as they discover what amazing creatures octopuses are. Did you know they can change colour? Or make themselves lumpy or spiky? Make your own octopot octopus with the SandyHanders and learn more incredible octofacts!


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