Happy hols everyone

Are you all enjoying the half-term holiday and the sunshine (at last!) hooray!

The SandyHanders turned purple last week, the last colour in our rainbow. We found the perfect purple sea creature to have a look at, a jellyfish.

eeeewww, not my favourite!

We made some fantastic foam blowers from a plastic water bottle cut in half and a piece of material wrapped across the end and held in place with an elastic band. Just look at these foam snakes!!!!!

The SandyHanders showed excellent colour matching skills when they 'fished' for coloured-messages-in-a-bottle

After all that exciting fishing we learnt a very important thing...If we throw plastic bags into our oceans they stay in the sea. Plastic bags look like jellyfish to other sea creatures as they float, in fact turtles, who like eating jellyfish, have actually eaten plastic bags by mistake. Our rubbish makes turtles sick.

We found some fabulous starfish in the rock pools. Aren't they amazing? And, they even had some purple on their legs!