Harry the Hermit Crab, he's a star!

Hello SandyHanders! How are you? Rachel and I are missing you all, we are both staying home and keeping well, what have you been up to?

I have been making and playing and learning with Ruby and Iolo (my children). They are helping me to make the little films for you. We are having a lot of fun.

hermit crab craft
Do you remember when we search for new shells for our hermit crabs?

Rachel is really lucky, she lives right by the beach. She is popping down to the sea each day checking that everything is OK, that the rock pools are full, the Hermit Crabs are in comfy new shells and the starfish are twinkling. Phew she's busy!


If you have a quiet moment and you would like to meet Harry the Hermit Crab head over to our YouTube channel: SandyHands (all on word, capital S, capital H). We hope to produce a new video for you each week.

Hope you enjoy it!

Keep in touch, send us your pictures of your shell homes and kites, we love to see them, it makes it feel as if we are all together.

Keep well SandyHanders. Hope to see you 'virtually' next week.

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