Hold on to your hats!

Phew! It’s been very windy. It’s been really cold too.

Who’s been able to get to the beach? Were the waves big and loud?

Last week, I went for a walk along our beach, just to check our BeachHut was still there, it was. And, to check if there was anything interesting washed up on the shore, there was! I found a lot of sea glass which we love to collect – beautiful treasure straight from the sea.

And, to check the sand was clean and tidy, BUT! NO! Where had all the Sand gone?

It wasn’t in the carpark.

It wasn’t in our BeachHut.

It wasn’t in Kerry’s café, all she had was a lot of hot chocolate and some very yummy looking cakes.

Our beach at Coppet Hall is now very stony. The wonder Wall that we chalk on is high up in the air, too high to draw on at the moment.

What’s been going on? Rachel will know.

Hopefully, when the wind changes direction the sea will bring the sand back again.

(Fingers crossed)

I sat down to have a nice hot chocolate from Kerry’s café. Hunting sea glass and cleaning up horrible plastic bits from the beach is thirsty work! Then my phone rang, it was my friend Hannah! Hannah lives by the beach in a town called Tenby.

Hello Hannah! How are you?” I haven’t seen Hannah for a long time. I miss seeing my friends, I’m really missing Rachel. Are you missing your friends? The phone is very helpful, at least we can still talk to each other!

“Hello Helen. I think I might have found some of the sand from Coppet. Look,Tenby is full of sand! I’ll send you some photos.

Wow! Look at all that sand!

Ruby and I have been making windy day pictures. Why don’t you have a go? There are two printable PDF’s to use if you want to have a go.

You will need

PDF print out of boy and girl

Paint brush

Paint (watery)

Straw to blow through.

Print outs for you to download.

Download PDF • 409KB

Download PDF • 305KB

Looking forward to seeing your windy-hair-day pictures, don’t forget to send them to us here at SandyHands.

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