Hold on to your hats!

Another stormy day at SandyHands. We could hardly stand up! Lucky we have our BeachHut to shelter in.

Look at how fast our windmills whizzed around!!

This week the SandyHanders learnt some turtle facts:

• We are lucky to have turtles in Welsh waters, usually the 'hide' behind Caldey Island.

• These turtles are called Leatherback turtles.

• Turtles like to eat jellyfish...eewwwwww.

The SandyHanders followed a 'jelly' assault course to feed the turtles some delicious jelly.

Next, the SandyHanders fished for plastic-bag-jellies. Plastic bags look just like real jellyfish to a turtle. We all have to make sure our plastic rubbish doesn't get into our seas.

Look at these fabulous Jellyfish streamers and turtles the SandyHanders made to take onto the VERY windy beach. Can you see the sea foam that the wind has blown off from the waves and onto the sand?

This week we'll be looking at a sea creature that can give you a pinch! Any ideas what it maybe?

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The CoppetKids are on the move!

We found out about puffins and other types of sea bird found in Pembrokeshire waters. The CoppetKids looked at how these birds migrate and the things that may happen to them on that journey to knock them off course.

The CoppetKids took the sea birds they had made on a migration-assault-course.

We're looking forward to seeing you all on the beach this Thursday. Sending out a special "Get well!" to our poorly CoppetKids and a "Welcome home!" to our travelling CoppetKids.

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• We are lucky to have turtles in Welsh waters, usually they 'hide' behind Caldey Island.

Quick message: There won't be a session on Thursday 24th March


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