At last, we've got our wellies on, the sun is out and we are on the beach SandyHanders!

We're looking at colours. Today was a YELLOW day. We made a yellow stripe on our rainbow. We made yellow suns with shells, flowers, stones, shells and anything else we could find that was YELLOW.

On the beach we tried out a tricky YELLOW scavenger hunt. It's hard to find things on the beach that begin with W. A lot of SandyHanders found Wet sand! Very clever.

Loved the egg rolling! And, it was great fun fishing the eggs out of the rock pool along with all the yellow fish that were floating around. Great catching SandyHanders!

Today was a Yellow SandyHands day!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Spaces are filling quickly, so book on-line now


Exciting sneaky peak

Look what the postman delivered this morning...proof copies of our new book, Octopus! We are so excited. Octopus will be launched in 3 weeks time. We can't wait to share it with you all. Phoebe had a quick peak this morning, she spotted someone in the story that looked just like her...


Join the SandyHanders on the beach as they discover what amazing creatures octopuses are. Did you know they can change colour? Or make themselves lumpy or spiky? Make your own octopot octopus with the SandyHanders and learn more incredible octofacts.

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