Ice and fire

It's been super cold outside recently. The beach looks VERY chilly

Nobody swimming today!

I've enjoyed crunching on icy puddles.

Rachel has been feeding the robin, he's got a nice round, rosy tummy now!

Just look at the tummy Mr Robin!

Can you think of places in the world where it's very cold?

One of the places Rachel thought of was a country called Sweden. It gets seriously cold in Sweden, so cold in fact they can actually make entire buildings to live in made of ice! Brrrrrrr! Imagine that! I hope the beds are made of something a bit cosier than chilly ice.

Every year, when the River Torne in Sweden turns to ice, a new Ice Hotel is made. Look at these amazing 'Ice Hotels'. I think penguins and polar bears might like to spend the night there!

My garden doesn't have quite enough ice to build an Ice Hotel, but it is cold enough to make a Cool Lantern for chilling out in my cold garden. Why not make one with us? if it's not FREEZING outside you can put your CoolLantern in the freezer overnight (best to ask your grown-up to help you with this).

First, go on a hunt for....

  • A big yogurt/cream pot (if helps to have the lid)

  • A small yogurt

  • Cold water - enough to fill the big pot 3/4's full.

  • a few stones to act as weights.

  • Small interesting things from your garden like sticks, leaves, feathers petals...


If you are a member of our site you can down load and print the above instructions head over to our SandySpace and click on CoolLanters.

You can make all kinds of ice creations, look at these...

Maybe you can help us. Whilst it's been really cold Rachel and I have had to wear wooly hats to keep our heads warm, the only problem is our hats are very boring, do you think you can design us some new ones? There is a printable version of WoolyHat in SandySpace

Pop back next week to see what we have been up to. If you join SandySpace (become members, no cost) we can all chat together and share what we have been up to.

See you soon!

Rachel and Helen

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