It's all looking a bit tickly this morning

On Tuesday everyone got a little bit CRABBY! Using only 'pinchers' SandyHanders hunted out numbers 1 to 10, not an easy thing to do, well done!

1 to ten then count again!

On the beach we made some 'crab' apples with very pinchy claws – ouch! Watch out!

The SandyHanders worked very hard digging rockpools for their crabs-apples to live in, don't these rockpools look like a lovely place to dip your crabby pinchers in?

What a busy morning on the beach!

Can you see a seagull? We did! At Coppethall we see a lot of Herring gulls, they are big, noisy and sometimes naughty! Herring gulls can be scavengers, one of them swooped down and stole my ice-cream straight out of my hand!

We made some cosy nest