It's all looking a bit tickly this morning

On Tuesday everyone got a little bit CRABBY! Using only 'pinchers' SandyHanders hunted out numbers 1 to 10, not an easy thing to do, well done!

1 to ten then count again!

On the beach we made some 'crab' apples with very pinchy claws – ouch! Watch out!

The SandyHanders worked very hard digging rockpools for their crabs-apples to live in, don't these rockpools look like a lovely place to dip your crabby pinchers in?

What a busy morning on the beach!

Can you see a seagull? We did! At Coppethall we see a lot of Herring gulls, they are big, noisy and sometimes naughty! Herring gulls can be scavengers, one of them swooped down and stole my ice-cream straight out of my hand!

We made some cosy nests for seagulls to cwtch-up in and have a snooze. We used hay and feathers. They looked very comfortable!

Then, very carefully, one-by-one, we carried six seagull eggs over an obstacle course to our cosy nests. Don't drop any!

After all that collecting, building, careful carrying and river making it was time to head back to the BeachHut to get the things to make wind-sock streamers and have a bit of a rest!

Time to shake the sand out of our shoes! Our Holiday timetable starts on Tuesday we are running SandyHands discovery sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10-11am and Rockpooling sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3-4pm. Head over to the Summer holiday page to book.

We are now taking on-line booking and payment!

See you soon!

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