Let's go shopping in our seaside store

This week the SandyHanders had their work cut out!

Armed with a shopping bag and a shopping list the SandyHanders had some interesting things to collect.

A shopping list for natural things
A beach shopping list

I wonder why the SandyHanders needed to find all these things? The answer – to make a seaside robin!

We used:

  • A cardboard tube

  • A pipe cleaners

  • Red leaves

  • Green leaves

  • Shells

And look what we made!

After making our seaside robins a comfy nest, the SandyHanders drew some beautiful bird pictures on the rocks with chalks. (We use chalks because when the tide comes in the waves wash away our drawings.)


Special delivery!

Do you ever get too old to play in an empty cardboard box? Never!

We love to reuse and recycle at CoppetKids so they will were thrilled when the Big Beach shop had a delivery.

Time for a bit of beach 'cookery'

The Coppetkids had a go at making Sand Clay. A bit kinder to the environment than slime, and not quite as sticky!

Here's the 'recipe'. Have a go next time you're on the beach. Use a bucket as your mixing bowl and some drift wood as a wooden spoon for stirring. Don't be tempted to add too much water, just keep mixing and you will get a clay that you can model.


Don't forget our fabulous Octopus story is out now. A fully interactive tale with scavenger hunts, things to make and a lovely story to read. Illustrated throughout with our finds on the beach. A must for all budding eco-warriors!


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