Magic torches, glowing butterflies and light-up trails in the woods

This has been one of our favourite weeks at SandyHands and CoppetKids. We spent the week looking at UV light.

I know that sounds very scientific, and it is, it's a type of light the we can't see. It's a type of light that can harm us – if we get sunburnt, because we've forgotten to put on suncream, the sunburn is caused by UV light from the sun.

Some creatures can see UV light because the have special eyes. Some butterflies can see UV light, and that is what we explored this week.

Children exploring
Glow in the dark butterflies, glowing under UV torch light

We used special torches that shine blue UV light, when the torches shine on things that with special UV paint it makes those things glow!

The SandyHanders went on the hunt for glowing fish with their special UV torches.

And they found special butterflies in a cave that glow in the dark.

CoppetKids took the special torches into the woods and followed a glowing trail through the trees, along the coast path and back through the tunnels. We all discovered some amazing things!

Can't wait to see what we're going to get up to this week at Sandyhands, SandyExplorers and CoppetKids.

We'll be opening the first door on our Sandyvent calendar. Hope you can join us.

We are currently being careful with our numbers .

Tuesday morning SandyHands and Thursday CoppetKids are very popular and are fully booked for the this week.

We still have spaces on our Tuesday after-school SandyExplorers (4pm) which follows the same format as CoppetKids and our Thursday afternoon SandyHands session (1.15pm).

Booking is essential so that we can contact everybody if we have to change our plans. Thank you for helping us to follow covid guidelines. Helen and Rachel

This week we...

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