Naughty scavengers

This week at SandyHands...

Have you ever bought an ice cream only to have a naughty seagull swoop down and snatch it away? I have!

Seagulls can be very clever scavengers. They quite like the odd portion of chips or a nice sandwich from a picnic and they even raid rubbish bins for left overs. Yuck! Seagulls should eat crabs and shell fish.

The SandyHanders 'scavenged' for hidden food. They decided what was good for a seagull to eat and what was bad for a seagull to eat.

On the beach, the SandyHanders found some hungry seagull chicks which needed feeding.

Time for lunch! The SandyHanders made their own version of fish and chips. Not sure I'm hungry!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the beach on Tuesday for a SandyHands fit for a Queen!


Just recently we've had some stormy weather. The sea has been rough and the tides have been very high. When the CoppetKids went onto the beach at Coppet Hall they found the strand line and the stream were cover in tiny bits of micro plastic. These tiny specs of plastic are sometimes called nurdles.

The CoppetKids spent 30 minutes on a nurdle hunt. Look how much plastic they managed to pick up!

We were all quite shocked and sad. All this plastic is floating around in the sea and fish and sea birds often end up eating it.

The CoppetKids used the nurdles to create pendants to show people the problem with plastic in the sea.

This Thursday at CoppetKids we'll be getting in the Jubilee mood with lots of 70 challenges!

Booking now open.


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