No snow...

I thought we might get snow. But now it’s raining. The ice lanterns and crunchy, icy puddles have melted in our garden. Everything looks drizzly grey.

Our beach is empty. Our beach is windy and cold. I can’t see anyone in the sea, not even a jellyfish!

But, one of our SandyHanders spends his winters high up in the snowy mountains with his mum and dad in a country called France. Right now our SandyHander is learning to SKI! Wow. Look at the pictures of the beautiful snow and the blue sky doesn’t that look wonderful?

Imagine being able to ski. How do you think it feels to have skis strapped to your feet? Quite strange and probably quite slippery. It must be very cold high up in the mountains with all that snow. Look at all the warm things our SandyHander is wearing to keep him warm.

We don’t have snow here in Pembrokeshire at the moment, so shall we make some of our own – make a mini snow storm?


OK you will need…

I love watching this video (below). It's very peaceful, just like a snowy day. What do you think?

Do you think you could design and colour in some cosy mittens that a skier could wear up in the mountains?

Down load and print out this PDF. It would be lovely to see your end results, don't forget to share them on SandySpace.

Download PDF • 35KB

See you soon! Rachel and Helen

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