On the trail of the slippery, slimy, speedy snail...

What a beautiful morning! Sunshine at last! The beach looked like the cleaning fairies had popped in overnight. Everything ready for the Friday SandyHanders...

Doesn't this look lovely?

Some brave SandyHanders picked a racing snail to see how fast and far they could go. One or two of the snails were so fast, they'd disappeared off into the grass before we could see which snail came first!

Racing snail!

We followed the spirals on the path to a clever trail. Hidden along the trail were beautiful rainbow snail shells to collect, count and sort.

On the beach the SandyHanders created some fabulous snail sand art – well done! No wonder you earned your golden snail shells, you counted to 6, you remembered S for snail, and all the right rainbow shells are in all the right colour buckets!

On Tuesday, when it wasn't quite as sunny, we had great fun with water. Using 3 corks SandyHanders made a yacht. The yachts floated down the river and we watched to see how far the yachts floated in 3 minutes, and, how long it took the yachts to float 3 meters. Some yachts were really, really fast and we had to run to stop them floating all the way out to sea!

What a great week! Rachel and I are off now to think up some more fun for next week.


If it's possible, it would be great if you could book in with us for either Tuesday 10am or Friday 10am so that we can make sure that every SandyHander has their own activity pack ready and waiting for them. Thank you.

See you soon!

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