Our Christmas favourite

Our BeachHut is right on the beach so we get to see and hear lots of seagulls. We're very lucky to have a lovely wood as well, which comes right down to the sea so we also see lots of blackbirds, sparrows, crows and our Christmas favourite – robins.

If we are very quiet, sometimes, the robins come right up to the BeachHut door, they quite like the crumbs from our sandwiches!

So, imagine how excited we all were when we opened the first door of our SandyVent calendar and discovered...

a robin!

On the beach the SandyHanders found some pebble-robins shivering on the sand so they collected sticks, leaves and feathers to make cosy nests for the robins to cwtch.

The pebble-robins looked very hungry, so we played the worm-berry-nut game to collect food for the peckish pebble-robins

If I was a robin I would love to eat these pretty red berries, but SandyHanders shouldn't eat pretty red berries – they maybe pretty but they maybe poisonous, be careful.

The SandyHanders are very artistic so they drew some fabulous robins on the rocks with chalks.

When the CoppetKids put out bird seed for the robin, we actually managed to get quite close, although we had to stay very still and very quiet – I found that difficult, not great at being quiet!

We played some games on the beach to keep us warm and used the UV – black light torches to make fish glow in the dark as they floated down the stream towards the sea.

We had a great time on the beach, everyone ended up with wet socks! Excellent effort! And, I'm amazed how great you all are at seeing in the dark!

Come on Rachel we need to get ready for this week's SandyHands, SandyExplorers and CoppetKids!

We've got Christmas surprises to organise!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, our last week before Christmas (don't panic we're back in January). Tuesday 8th-10am SandyHands is fully booked, thank you.

Thursday 10th-4pm CoppetKids is fully booked, thank you.

Still spaces on:

SandyExplorers – Tuesday 8th,4pm

SandyHands, Thursday 10th, 1.15pm.

Booking on-line essential (Please, thank you)

This week we...

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