Over the rainbow

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the different types of weather we get on the beach in autumn and winter. We've found out what happens in stormy weather, and made the sound of rain and used the wind to fly kites and bird planes.

This week we found out what happens when you mix up two types of weather – you get rainbows!

The SandyHanders caught some fabulous rainbow wrasse.

Rainbow wrasse a very colourful fish that usually live in warm waters. We do get wrasse in our (chilly) waters but they aren't the colourful rainbow type.

After collecting different coloured leaves the SandyHanders made a beautiful 'nature' rainbow on the sand.

Look at these 'magic' tissue paper rainbows the SandyHanders created – this is something you could try at home:

Use two sheets of kitchen towel. Draw an outline in black marker on one sheet. Colour the second sheet with water-based felt pens, the crazier your colours the better. Put the black outline picture on top of your crazy colour sheet so that you hide the colours. Carefully put both sheets into a dish with water and watch a rainbow appear!

Wow! That was a busy morning!

See you on Tuesday 23rd November 10am for some Robin taming!!!!!


The CoppetKids carried on the rainbow theme with Rainbow target practice. As it was Children in Need week the CoppetKids created surprise rainbow Pudsey bears and made a giant sand Pudsey on the beach before some frantic digging against the tide and a bubble fest!

A great evening on the beach!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday

Rainbow wrasse is a very colourful fish that usually lives in warm waters. We do get wrasse in our (chilly) waters but they aren't the colourful rainbow

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