Phew! We found a new home for Harry.

Well done SandyHanders, you did it! Nice new homes for Harry the Hermit Crab. Homes that fit nicely, not too small, not too big and definitely not made of nasty rubbish.

Even though it was a bit wobbly walking on the big stones you found all the shells, great work everyone.

We loved the crabs you made out of stones, sticks and sand, what a clever bunch you are.

Today it was so beautifully sunny, we took our 'making-project' outside on the grass. We made ourselves Hermit crab houses, some SandyHanders made garages and some of the house were so strong you could climb on them and jump off!

We had a wonderful time, hope you did too and we look forward to meeting you again next week at the BeachHut to help us with a Fish in a flap.

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