Prickly customers and floaty boats

SandyHanders had a fabulous morning to be on the beach, blue sky, lovely sunshine and beautiful blue sea.

What's in the box today? Does it feel smooth, sticky, slimy? No...

It feels prickly!

Can you think of creatures that have prickles?

On the beach the SandyHanders found some prickly customers – hedgehogs, hiding in the rocks!

Hedgehogs don't really live on the beach, but you might find them in your garden.

Using giant hedgehog prickles, we played a game popping water-bombs to collect as much water as we could.

The SandyHanders worked really hard to create a giant hedgehog sand sculpture, using driftwood for prickly prickles.

And then...

"Back to the BeachHut everyone, the tide is coming in!"

The SandyHanders spread out on the grass to make apple hedgehogs with cocktail stick prickles.

As a special treat, we used giant hedgehog prickles (kebab-sticks) to spike fruit and make delicious fruit kebab snacks.



Take a couple of plastic bottles...

CoppetKids found a pile of empty plastic bottles. We could tidy them up, throw them away... OR, we could re-use them!

First the CoppetKids filled the bottles with water and played an excellent game of skittles. Then Coconut shy, although the bottles were quite hard to hit!

Someone had a great idea – turn the bottles into to boats!

So, empty plastic bottles – not rubbish at all!


Our summer holiday programme is now available tobook on-line.

Places going fast!

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