lolly stick catapults
Snail shell catapults
Snails away!

This week at SandyHands we have been on the Trail of the Snail. Some of the snails were quite hard to find. Can you see all the different coloured snail shells we found?


The 'snails' we find on our beach are different to the snails we find in our gardens. The beach snails are called Periwinkles. They live on rocks. Periwinkles have to be very tough - they need to survive underwater and when the tide goes out and they need to survive out of water too! Periwinkles have strong shells to protect them from the sea and from seagulls that like a few periwinkle for their lunch! We found some periwinkles and put them in ice-cream-tub rock pools. Then we saw the 'trail of the snail' that the periwinkles made in the sand.


We made some excellent lolly-stick catapults. Look how far we managed to fire the snail shells! I think the mum's and dad's and grandparents had as much fun firing snail shells as we did, don't you?

Looking very carefully under rocks, in the gaps between rocks and on top of rocks we found big white otter shells with snails on them - the otter shell were a bit smelly! Now our BeachHut is also a bit smelly - pooooooooo, old fish smelly - ewwwwww! On the back of the otter shells were some instructions, find:

  • S- some slimy seaweed

  • N - nine pebbles

  • A - an amazing shell

  • I - an interesting object

  • L - a colourful leaf

Together we made an amazing spiral snail shell using the nine pebbles we found.

That looks like a very happy snail!

Time for some art on the 'wonder-wall'. Look at these beautiful snails and butterflies!

What a clever bunch of SandyHanders you are!

Thank you all for coming to see us. Have a safe journey home if you were on holiday this week and look forward to seeing you next week.

Helen Rachel.


We have a few spaces on Thursday 20th August 10-11am (Tuesday is fully booked)

We have spaces on our RockPooling Adventures on Tuesday 18th 3-4pm and

Thursday 20th 3-4pm. head over to our Summer hols page to book on-line.


See you soon!

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