Rough-ing it on the beach!

What's in the magic box this week? It feels...

Rough! A rough shell.

Lots of things feel rough on the beach, pebbles, shells, rocks and sand can feel rough when you rub your finger across them.

There are some sea creatures that feel rough too. The SandyHanders found barnacles and limpets on rocks that were very rough!

The SandyHanders put paper over rough lines and rubbed crayons. They made fantastic sea creature rubbings.

Using rough sandpaper, the SandyHanders sharpened pencils.

Tuesday 13th July is our last session before the summer holidays.


Our summer holiday sessions are: July 20th, 27th – August 17th, 24th 9.30-10am.


The CoppetKids had keen eyes this week, searching for clues to discover the mystery word.

It didn't take them long to work out the word once they'd found all the clues.


We cooled down in the BeachHut and learnt how to make some Aboriginal style artwork using dots. The results were brilliant.

See you on Thursday 15th for the last CoppetKids before the holidays, we'll be playing beach games and cooking marshmallows on the camp fire!

We will be running four sessions in the summer holidays on: July 20th, 27th and August 17th, 24th. 5-6pm. We still have a few places available.


Do you have a birthday coming up?

Celebrate on the beach with a Sandyhands birthday party. See our website for more information.


Grab a great summer read, available online or in the Coppet Hall beach shop.

Octopus, an interactive read for children with things to make, scavengers hunts and a feel good tale. £9.99

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