S is for starfish...

Well, that was a busy week SandyHanders! Two SandyHands sessions, Tuesday and now a new Friday 10am session! Everyone has their own SandyHands kit, buckets, spades, chalks colouring pencils. And we have written exciting new games, treasure hunts and activities so that you can all work with your grown ups in your own time, or dig the biggest hole you can!

We practiced the letter S. Then we hunted high and low for 5 feathers, 5 shells and 5 stones.

Look at all these fabulous sand castles! Excellent building SandyHanders. Can you count how many sandcastles we made?

And would you believe it – one very keen eyed SandyHander found a real starfish! We took a quick peak at it then carefully let it go in a rock pool.

starfish on a beach
A starfish! We think it may have been dropped by a seagull. This one only has 4 legs. Usually starfish have 5 legs.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 9th July and Friday 10th July. Next week we'll be looking at the letter Y, we'll be making Yachts and seeing how far and how long we can float them for. Come along, bring the Home-ed and swap it for some Beach-ed!

See you soon! Rachel, Helen

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