Seal rescue!

We set the CoppetKids a tricky challenge this week: with only photographic clues they had to identify 8 locations and rescue a hidden 'seal'. Not easy, but all 8 seals were safely rescued, phew!

Seals swim and play in the waters around the Pembrokeshire coast all year. In October and November female seals come ashore to pup. You can see them and their fluffy white pups on undisturbed beaches.

On the beach the CoppetKids tried feeding a giant 'seal' with 'Dart-fish'. The CoppetKids had fantastic aim (when Rachel and I had a go we missed completely, but don't tell the CoppetKids that!!!!).

Our seal races were fast and furious and, of course, everyone ended up with soggy socks and squelching wellies! It was an amazing evening on the beach, we're so lucky to have such a wonderful place to explore.

It's half term next week and we are running a new family session - CoastBusters. This session is now full bookedl, thank you to everyone who has booked. CoppetKids will return on 4th Nov. 4-5pm.

SandyHands returns on Tuesday 2nd Nov. 10-11am.

Happy half term everyone.

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