Seedy bugs

Great start back at SandyHands, this week we looked at different types of seeds. Some of them floated like the hazelnuts and some of them twirled in the air like helicopters.

buckets, spades and seeds
The buckets are all clean, ready to collect seeds in. We found lots of different types of seeds

Look at these amazing bugs the SandyHanders made from things they found around the BeachHut. I think they look like dragon flies, what do you think? You could try this at home using things that you have collected from your garden.

insects made from twigs and seeds
Using small twigs, ash seeds and berries the SandyHanders created these lovely bugs.

On the beach, the SandyHanders tried floating little boats made from hazelnut shells down the stream. They also floated ash seeds in the water, the seeds sailed faster than the nuts.

children playing in a stream
The SandyHanders found that the ash seeds floated faster than the hazelnut boats.

I think our favourite part of the morning was throwing the ash seeds into the air to watch them twirl to the ground!

children playing
A busy morning at SandyHands, collecting, making, floating and playing.

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Treasure Hunt

CoppetKids kicked off a new term with treasure hunt. They managed to decode the letter shells to discover where the treasure was hidden. In the BeachHut inside a box, inside a box inside a box, they found a treasure chest stuffed with pearls!

The CoppetKids knew loads of facts about pearls:

  • pearls can be found in oysters

  • pearls grow in oysters because a grain of sand gets into the oyster shell and irritates it

  • Pearls are made from the same material as mother-of-pearl that lines the inside of some shells.

Great knowledge CoppetKids!

On the beach the CoppetKids fished around in some rock pools, discovering more treasure – shells with secret pearls. Using the 'pearls' the CoppetKids made some excellent bracelets.

They look great!

Maybe you could try and make something like this at home, we used a pipe cleaner to thread the beads onto.

This week things are going to get gooey watch out!

See you at the BeachHut at 4pm!

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We'll leave you with Rach sporting some natty shell earrings!

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