Seeing Red!

So far, SandyHanders, we've looked at yellow creatures on the beach, orange starfish and this week we are on the trail of the bright RED snail! They are tricky critters to find. We looked under things, over things and around things to find the snails

The trail of the bright RED snail leads... to the home of a rare Welsh sea creature...The RED Herring! The RED herring lives in a secret place, do you think you can find it Sandyhanders?

Red herrings swim in streams. We tested ours, they went like rockets. And then something really exciting happened...One VERY alert SandyHander spotted a stranded sea creature, a sea creature than none of us had seen before, a Pipe Fish.

Rachel says: Pipe fish are related to the sea horse family. A male pipe fish carries the pipe fish eggs before they hatch.


Things were very mucky at Coppetkids, oily, gooey, slimy and sloppy. Yuck!

We looked at what happens when things go wrong – pollution – and the effects it has on the sea and the creatures that live there. Imagine what it feels like to have your feathers covered in disgusting crude oil...

CoppetKids faced two huge challenges this week...


cross the 'poisonous' river without melting anyone's feet or dropping any of the precious cargo...

And Two:

To take part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge and build 100 in 10 minutes! No way? Oh Yes, and they did it (of course!)

You did it CoppetKids. We have made a donation on your behalf to the 100 challenge. Well done you lot!


Out now digital download version of Octopus

Great story, full of octofacts, an interactive, take with you book.

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