Ssssh, it's all quiet on the beach

It's Tuesday morning and the sun is shining as if it's middle of summer, but our lovely beach is as empty as a winter morning! How lucky are we? We have the whole beach to ourselves!

Coppet hal beach
Our lovely, sunny, quiet beach. We are very lucky

Something very strange has washed up into the rock pools on the beach – Giant Leaf-Fish. Only seen in autumn and quite tricky to catch!

fish made from autumn leaves
1,2,3,4,5 once we caught a leaf-fish alive!

As I'm sure you already guessed, we made these Giant-Leaf-Fish from autumn leaves we found on the ground. They are from a giant laurel tree. I love the colours. And, when we did leaf rubbings with chalk and paper the leaves looked like fish bones.

If you want to make you own fish you need:

  • Collect different size leaves

  • Arrange your leaves like a fish, so that you have a large one for the body, smaller ones for the fins and don't forget some leaves to make a tail.

  • You need an adult with a stapler for the next step: staple the leaves together, or if you have time to wait use glue.

  • You can use a magic marker to add eyes and scales

With home-made fishing rods (a piece of driftwood, some string, a plastic hook from shoe packaging) and a lot of concentration the SandyHanders managed to catch the leaf fish.

Join us next Tuesday for more discoveries, I wonder what will be washed up on the beach this week?

SandyHands is on Tuesday mornings 10-11am. You can book on-line here



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