Star fish that glow in the dark? No way!

Starfish definitely glow in the dark at SandyHands!

We carefully followed a trail of coloured pebbles along the path, through the tunnel where you can make excellent train noises – toot toot – all the way to the really dark, dark tunnel.

And guess what we found?

Tah Dah! Glow in the dark starfish!

On the beach we found rock pools. We found real live starfish. These starfish are called Brittle starfish, they have 5 long wavy legs and they are they same colour as sand so they can hide themselves. But underneath Brittle Starfish are white, so they have to be careful when they are floating around upside down because seagulls can find them and gobble them up! Ouch!

Did you know that if a starfish looses a leg (which is a silly thing to loose) they can grow another one? SandyHanders know that, we played a game, finding new legs for star fish.

What a busy morning! We hope to see you next Tuesday 24th March for Cockles and Muscle alive, alive Oh! SandyHands will follow the guidance given to primary schools in Wales. Please watch our Facebook page for up to date information.

Keep well SandyHanders, wash that sand off!


SandyHands: Cockles and Muscles alive, alive Oh!

24 March 10-11.15. Please book through our Facebook page.

Find out who's the strongest, cockles or muscles. Make shell angels. Find out where muscles live. Bring wellies – there will be some splashtastic fun!


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