The sea is smooth, the sand is smooth...

And, the magic box also feels smooth! This week at SandyHands we are looking at how the sea makes things on the beach smooth.

The SandyHanders used seawater to wash away sand and discover hidden words.

The SandyHanders made lots of sandcastles and washed them away with buckets of sea water. When the sea washes away rocks to make them smooth, or cliffs, this is called erosion

The sea makes pebbles very smooth, it also makes glass (which shouldn't really be in the sea) smooth. We walked along the strand line carefully hunting for sea glass. Sea glass is like beach treasure!

The SandyHanders were brilliant at finding sea glass. They made beautiful hanging sea glass pendants with their finds.

Don't forget our summer holiday SandyHands sessions on Tues July: 20th, 27th and August 17th and 24th, 9.30-10.30. Available to book now


Coppetkids looked at erosion this week, washing away sand to discover a mystery word and swishing sandcastles with blasts of sea water.

They discovered sea glass along the strand line of the beach. Sea glass is glass that has been sanded and eroded by the sea making it smooth and rounded. They put the sea glass into moulds and, using UV curing resin created beautiful sea glass pendants.

Excellent session CoppetKids. See you all next week!


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