Things that go wibble-wobble in the dark!

Right, lets start with a question:

Does anyone remember what this is?

It's a By-the-wind sailor!

By-the-wind sailor is a type of jellyfish. It floats on the sea. A fin, that looks like a sail, sticks up from the jellyfish and catches the wind. They feed on plankton and fish. They get washed ashore by the wind.

The SandyHanders made their own By-the-wind sailors using plastic bags from packaging, old CD's and ribbons from presents.

Look at these!

There was so much seaweed washed up on our beach, the SandyHanders couldn't resist making their own giant seaweed Jellyfish.

Well done SandyHanders!

This Tuesday we'll be looking at winter weather and making beach-comber instruments!


The CoppetKids are glowing!

The CoppetKids created some fabulous glow-in-the-dark jelly fish.

Then using special UV torches they discovered secret jellyfish in the 'cave'. The jellyfish were created using special UV paint which is invisible until you shine UV light on the paint. The light makes the paint glow in the dark!


Our November family CoastBuster session is on Saturday 20th November 4.30-5.30pm

Booking open now.

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