We've all gone all wibbly-wobbly...

Weren't we lucky this week with the beautiful sunshine? It's been just like summer!

Rachel had the WORST idea, the most wobbly, yucky, eewww idea for what we should learn about this week. What is the spookiest thing you can think of that lives in the sea?

Sharks? NO!

Sea cucumbers? NO!

Crabs? NO NO NO!

I think JELLYFISH are the yuckiest thing in the sea. Rachel thinks they are beautiful. Rachel likes their colours and the way they glide in the deep blue sea.

Do you like them?

Some yucky jelly facts

  • Jellyfish only have one hole which which they use to eat with AND poo out of. That is very yucky

  • Jellyfish have stinging cells in their tentacles so please don't touch them. Ouch!

  • Sea Anemones are a type of jellyfish.

Sea anemones (that is a really hard word to spell) like tuna fish. We fed them some and watched their tentacles curl around the fish and pull the tuna into their mouth.