We've been buzzzzzzzzzy!

Hello SandyHanders, how are you all? I have finished all my Easter eggs, have you? That's enough chocolate until Christmas I think!

This week's Feature Creature, doesn't live in the sea. It doesn't like getting wet. I'm pretty sure it can't swim and it's not that happy on sand. So, what could it beeeeeee?

This week's Feature Creature is a bee!

Rachel has been walking to the beach at the bottom of her garden (we are both so lucky to live near the sea and the countryside) and she has seen lots of busy bees on all the spring flowers.

You could make a busy bee - we've made little film to show you how on our Youtube Channel - SandyHands

Here's our beautiful, busy, bee, bzzzzzzz.



Look what Rachel found on the shore this week, a real-life Harry the Hermit Crab!


Keep well SandyHanders, we're really missing you all and looking forward to splashing in the rock pools soon. Hx Rx

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