Where's Wally?

Brilliant to see you all again after such a long time. Some of you have definitely been drinking growing juice, you're all giants!

Rachel and I had a fabulous treat, thank you Huw and Cyrus, look at this lovely 'scene they both created for us. It has pride of place in our BeachHut. Thank you very much

Tonight we had a visitor, Wally the Walrus, Tenby's latest new resident, but I had a job finding him...

You've all got much faster than last year, I couldn't believe the speed you all ran the Feed-Hungry-Wally-relay and as for Shipwreck, I think you must be jet propelled – out of breath just watching you all!

Excellent sand sculpting skill tonight, CoppetKids. Rachel and I could not choose a favourite they were all brilliant.

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