Who’s that hiding in the leaves?

This week the SandyHanders have been making a new friend, can you guess what this new friend is?

He likes to hide under sticks and leaves
He likes to curl up in a ball
He’s not the cuddliest friend you can have…

Have you guessed who he is? That’s right! Our new SandyHands friend is a Hedgehog!

Did you know:

• Hedgehogs have prickly spines everywhere except on their face, legs and tummies.
• Hedgehogs use their spines for defense when they face enemies.
• Hedgehogs love to eat insects, small mice, snails, lizards, frogs, eggs and even snakes!

Look at these lovely hedgehogs the SandyHanders made from cardboard packaging. You can make one too, find an old cardboard box and some scissors (get a grown up to help with the cutting out, cardboard boxes can be hard to cut!) draw a hedgehog body and 3 sets of spines.

Hedgehogs like to find a cosy spot under branches and leaves to curl up and hibernate. The SandyHanders made some really cosy beds for their hedgehogs.

Remember: Bonfire night is soon, check your fires before you light them to wake up any sleepy hedgehogs snoozing under the wood.



It didn’t take the CoppetKids long to hunt and find all the pieces they needed to build their Hedgehogs. They all knew loads of hedgehog facts – great knowledge guys!

On the beach Coppetkids built the biggest sandyhog We’ve ever seen! Back in the shed with a pile of cocktail sticks and tiny crab apples the Coppetkids morphed into construction engineers, look at these amazing creations – wow!


Half-term Action

We’re launching a new monthly activity session this half term – CoastBuster

It’s aimed at families (with children 2-10yrs). We’ll be outdoors, (whatever the weather so bring your wellies and waterproofs) on the beach discovering things that glow in the dark, making lanterns and building a camp fire to toast marshmallows.

Tuesday 26th October. 4.30-5.30pm

£6.00 per child (adults free)

Places limited book now.

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