We're so excitied at SandyHands, we've written a book! We're launching Octopus! as the first publication in our Feature-Creature series. Currently available here, as a downloadable, digital, interative, flip-book and will shortly be launched as a hardcopy.


Octopus is not only full of amazing octofacts, it also includes QR codes to scan and discover more: watch the SandyHanders on the beach, follow them as they make their octopots and take the scavenger hunt with you next time you go our for a walk.


Join the Sandyhanders on the beach as they discover what amazing creatures octopuses are. Did you know they can change colour? Or make themselves lumpy or spiky? Make your own octopot octopus with the SandyHanders and learn more incredible octofacts.

Octopus (Digital download)

  • Throughout Octopus there are QR codes that scan be scanned with the camera function on your mobile phone (no need to download a seperate scanning app). These QR codes will lead you to short how-to videos, scavenger hunts and information videos.